Which Highlight is Right for You?


Colour Melt

The bridge between balayage and ombre – a graduation of three or more shades.

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You like having brighter shades around your face, but don’t want the maintenance of the highlights or the contrast of the traditional ombre.

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you want higher contrast or definition between colours.



A French technique that involves hand-painting highlights to create dimension and movement in the hair.

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You like softer, more natural-looking colour, with less upkeep.

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You like high-contrast colours or chunkier foils.



A technique resulting in colours being graduated from light to dark. Ombre can be done with both natural or fashion colours.

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You have hair shoulder-length or longer, and you’re looking for something outside the realm of traditional highlights.

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You like a more blended colour, or prefer natural-looking highlights.



A softer, more natural version of ombre colouring.

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You’ve never coloured before, or you’d like something natural and low-maintenance.

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You like a higher contrast between shades.